Animal Lover

First, let me say that if you are an animal lover and find yourself living in the absence of any animals (I offer myself as an example here…), you might find yourself doing odd things, like calling dogs that aren’t there.  Or talking to the cat perched on your fence.  Or saying good morning to some birds.  Or hell, even saying “hi” to those foxes digging through your garbage cans (oh, excuse me, “rubbish bins”).

I have two great animal dreams in my life — one is to live on a farm and raise a fleet of dachshunds (at least 10) and watch them run through fields and laugh and laugh at the cuteness of it all.  The second great animal dream is to ride a horse.  Perhaps this dream is more practical than the former, as there are no shortage of people who love horses in this country.

I will say, animal lover that I am, I never really “got” goldfish.  Owning goldfish always seemed to me a bit like a science experiment for school children.  I will admit that as decorative objects they are lovely and  nice to gaze at when staring into space thoughtfully.  But they are living things, aren’t they? Set them free into the wild, I say.  Oh, but is there even such thing as “wild” goldfish these days? Or ever?



2 thoughts on “Animal Lover

  1. You would be surprised about owning one or two or four. I was without an animal in college (not exactly allowed in the dorms) and when my childhood dog died, I wanted to get something to have in my small dorm room. I had never really had fish growing up, other than the odd fish that came home from a fair and lasted all of a day. But my boyfriend at the time, I believe you know him as M, had a lot of fish experience, since his family kept a big tank of cool fish when he was a kid. (Keep in mind that means G also has lots of fish experience). I bought 2 goldfish, that I didn’t particularly even think I wanted, but was told they had to be sacrificed to get the tank ready for more pretty fish that I was after. Well, they didn’t die , they live AND GREW! Who knew that gold fish grow if well cared for. I had to keep buying bigger tanks and had them through the end of college. One was kind of big and fat, so I called it Big Bertha, and the other ended up growing really pretty fins. Although they don’t really love you the way a cat or dog does, they are nice companions to have around. You can look over at them during the day or in the middle of the night and they are there swimming. You can decorate the tank with different color rocks and castles and holiday things so it is always festive. They are kind of a pain to clean, but they never need to go to the vet or go out for walks in the rain.

    If you are really missing your puppies, then a fish might be the way to go until the puppies can join you. Of course, I haven’t owned fish since then. I much prefer having my huge, wonderful, loving, fluffy golden retriever by my side, but the fish were nice too.

  2. Hah, me too! It’s super hard not living with animals when you’re used to having pets. I had cats when I lived in Brooklyn, and sometimes now I find myself saying bye to them when I leave the flat in the mornings—glad I’m not the only crazy one!

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