Since we last talked…

I traveled north to Huddersville (near Manchester) to see Mumford and Sons play during the Queen’s (very rainy) Jubilee weekend in May…


I celebrated my 30th birthday during an incredible vacation in Vietnam.




I attended opening day of Wimbledon, featuring matches by Sharapova and Djokovic:





And of course, the Olympics!


A close look of London 2012’s gold medals — these were on display at the British Museum.

The Horse Guards Parade — the site of Olympic beach volleyball.


Brazil versus Mauritius.


The infamous beach volleyball cheerleaders.

And we’re off to Weymouth tomorrow to catch some Olympic sailing events.  Despite all of the grumbling leading up to the Games, London has had the air of Disneyland these past two weeks — there is a buzz of giddiness and excitement, and yes, even pride among these generally humble and stiff-upper-lipped Londoners.  It’s been such a treat to experience it first hand.




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