Un peu plus de Paris…

Paris, is, hands-down, my favorite European city (sorry, London….).  Were it not for that whole language-barrier thing, I might have tried to runaway to Paris earlier on in life and never have come back.  As a tourist, there is no need to put any effort into seeing why this city is so spectacular.  Its beauty (those graceful buildings! the bridges!  the parks! the grands boulevards!) practically hits you over the head.

Notre Dame

Paris is an immensely walkable city — you could take the afternoon and ramble from the Eiffel Tower to Trocadero and the Champs Elysees down the Seine to the Latin Quarter, then head over one of the many bridges to the Tuileries, stopping at a cafe for a glass of wine or a coffee when you need a rest.


While lounging on the Champs de Mars (the park next to the Eiffel Tower) we saw a couple become engaged!

Newly engaged couple in front of the Eiffel Tower.



I Love Paris in the Summer when it Sizzles

It reached a broiling 36C / 97F in Paris this weekend, which was *almost* a treat given the cold and gloomy summer we’ve had here in London.  It was Paris, though, not Austin, so there weren’t many places where we could take refuge in air-conditioning.

Most Parisians leave the city in August (pour les vacances d’ete), leaving the city oddly quiet.  We stayed in the 3 arrondissement (Le Marais) which had a delightfully slow sleepy feel.  The one bummer is that a lot of great restaurants we had hoped to try were closed.  Can you imagine taking a whole month off from work?

For other Parisians trapped in the city in August, the city turns part of its riverbank into a makeshift beach (“Paris Plage”) complete with lounge chairs and sand sculptures.  I snapped a few pics as I ran past on an early morning run.



Bon Week-End!

I’m off to Paris for the weekend!

We’ve rented a little flat in the charming Marais through the really cool site Airbnb.  The last time we were in Paris, we were on our honeymoon, putting a love-lock with our initials and wedding date on the Pont des Arts (a Parisian equivalent of carved initials on a tree) and  preparing for our bicycle trip through Strasbourg and the Alsace region.

I can’t believe it’s already been a year!

The Other Cambridge

Cambridge, Massachusetts…meet your ancestor, Cambridge England!

We visited this scholarly city earlier this summer on a very rainy and chilly day.  We visited the pristine grounds and went “punting” (boating on the River Cam propelled by men with posh accents and poles).