Running preferences

Marathon season is upon us (Boston is on April 16, London is on April 22).  I won’t be attempting that sort of distance this year, but I have been getting back in the long run groove.  For a sport that can be as simple as you make it (all you need is to lace up some sneakers and go), I enjoy my run more if I remember the following accoutrements:

-baseball hat (keeps unruly ponytails in place)

-iPhone (3 purposes: music, phone, camera, if I run by anything of interest)

-travel card (it’s a comfort to know that if I get too tired or lost at any point, I can run to the nearest train station and get home)

-cash (just in case, for water or the paper on the way home)

-non-cotton shirts (they can get so soggy and gross on a long run…and they chafe)

-tightly laced sneakers (stopping to tie a shoe sucks)

-Garmin (keeps pace and time — a revelation to my outdoor runs).

Lululemon has their own suggestions here.


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