Springtime on Racton Road

Flowering trees everywhere!


Run by Putney Bridge

I live two miles from Putney Bridge in southwest London.  It is so much colder than Boston and Austin, but springtime is evident through the flowering trees and new buds, and the light — already we have sunlight until 8 in the evening. 

Running preferences

Marathon season is upon us (Boston is on April 16, London is on April 22).  I won’t be attempting that sort of distance this year, but I have been getting back in the long run groove.  For a sport that can be as simple as you make it (all you need is to lace up some sneakers and go), I enjoy my run more if I remember the following accoutrements:

-baseball hat (keeps unruly ponytails in place)

-iPhone (3 purposes: music, phone, camera, if I run by anything of interest)

-travel card (it’s a comfort to know that if I get too tired or lost at any point, I can run to the nearest train station and get home)

-cash (just in case, for water or the paper on the way home)

-non-cotton shirts (they can get so soggy and gross on a long run…and they chafe)

-tightly laced sneakers (stopping to tie a shoe sucks)

-Garmin (keeps pace and time — a revelation to my outdoor runs).

Lululemon has their own suggestions here.

Austin Dining Notes

Apologies for the hiatus, blog friends!  I’ve been  in Austin, and am now back in the northeast for a final weekend with my husband and dogs before returning to the UK.

Here are my dining notes from my Austin stay:

Contigo – a great outside drinking hole that really captures the creative, relaxed, hip vibe of Austin. I never thought I’d love their fried green beans, but I did. And I washed them down with a delightfully fresh Moscow Mule.  Bonus points to our friendly bartender, who impressed me with his impeccably groomed hipster mustache and suspenders.

Uchiko – Paul Qui’s (of Top Chef fame) wonderful Japanese sushi and “farmhouse dining” experience.  With an hour and a half wait to get two seats at the bar, I was expecting great things, and ordering the 5 course tasting menu, I was not disappointed.  Staff was friendly and knowledgable, but not annoying.

Barley Swine – a tiny but luxe dining experience next to a dive bar (Lucky bar) on South Lamar.  All in all, the food high quality and tasty, served as a series of small plates. An ultra perky (perhaps too perky?) server rattled out details of the flavor palettes we’d be experiencing ahead of each dish.  My problem with small plates? You leave with a bigger bill than anticipated, still hungry.

Texas Cuban – a good example of decent food served out of a trailer in Austin.  Great cubans made with a panini press — call your order in ahead of time though to save some time.