Living Together Apart

I think I really needed to come across this article in Elle Magazine entitled, “Divide and Conquer: Married but Separate” that examines the quirky (but very real) phenomena of married couples who choose not to co-habitate with one another.  The article  romanticizes the notion of having both the commitment of a stable and loving relationship, but also complete autonomy over your own space and home, a particular boon for many couple artists.

Time spent together is truly quality time, is the point that gets recycled throughout the article.  Individual idiosyncrasies will be loved rather than despised when there is more space between partners.  Relationships will not be taken for granted.  Young couples are really taking a look at what they need to stay committed in the long term (more space, presumably).

It is a fascinating idea, and as an introverted person, I absolutely have always cherished my own physical space for creative thought.  I also commend couples that are willing to question marital archetypes and hackneyed and failed blueprints of marriages belonging to previous generations.

I wanted to be one of the exuberant people featured in this article, extolling the benefits of keeping a separate residence from my husband.  But the truth?  I long for the comfort of doing mundane activities with G., and together face the challenges of organizing our domestic space together.



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