Momofuku at Home

Momofuku  Ssäm Bar is one our favorite restaurants in New York City.  If you have never had one of their epic pork belly buns I advise you to get to NYC and try one immediately.

G. received Momofuku’s cookbook for Christmas this year, and on Saturday, he decided to treat me and our close friends P. and N. to homemade pork belly buns, along with David Chang’s amazing chicken and egg dish.  (NB: this involved de-boning a chicken leg, confit-ing it in duck fat, slow-poaching some eggs, pickling some cucumbers, and making the spongy Chinese buns by hand.  It was an all-day cooking affair that we dubbed “Asian Thanksgiving”. )

And we were very thankful indeed for this amaaazing meal, G.’s top chef cooking skills, David Chang’s recipes, and being re-united with friends.


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