Egg Sandwich Heaven

Inspired by this post, I took on the challenge of making a perfect egg sandwich.  The ingredients are simple: bagel, egg, a couple of slices of cheddar cheese.  The trick is to not overcook the egg, and not to break the yolk.  Easier said then done.

The results were not too shabby.


New Englander goes home

Twice a day, my little loves Lucy and Henry run around Radcliffe quadrangle at their home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, chasing tennis balls, barking at squirrels, greeting other dogs.  Next week I am so ecstatic to be on doggie duty for a much-needed reunion with my family.  Have a great weekend, and I’ll report back from the ol’ colony.

Packing Light

I’m heading back to Boston this weekend for a much-needed reconnect with my family (hurray!) and am bound and determined not to check a bag on the plane (despite the fact that I will be gone for a full week).

Arriving off of a long flight and desperately excited to walk through the arrivals gate, the last place in the world that I want to be is standing is around a luggage carousal and waiting for my suitcase to slide down to the belt.

I loathe delays of any kind at airports — waiting for bags, check in lines, security lines, customs and immigration lines, flight delays due to weather/plane late arrivals/mechanical issues.    So if I can minimize waiting at all — sign me up.

I was entertained by this website, which provides you with a list of things to pack after you tick a few boxes about you and your trip.  I travel often, but have yet to streamline my packing process, so I’m looking forward to using this for upcoming trips.  Also helpful is the Travelite website, which provides lots of tips for efficient packing and sailing through security lines.

And doesn’t it feel good to sail through past all of the poor miserable folks rolling massive bags who inevitably will have to pay overage fees for the bag being over the weight limit? (By the way, did you know that you can buy luggage scales?  Very, very helpful for the instances where you must check a bag and feel close to the airlines’ weight limits.)