My English Garden

Bulbs at the Columbia Flower Market

I took advantage of relatively mild temperatures this weekend to take stock of my garden, heretofore utterly ignored.

Early on in my flat search last autumn, I knew I wanted what is called a “garden flat” — that is, a flat situated on the ground floor that has direct access to an outdoor space.  The logic was, whenever G. and I brought the dogs over, we would have a safe space to open the door and  let out without having to put on the leashes and walk them somewhere.

It is, therefore, in large part, the dog’s garden, although I found all sorts of interesting little goodies while I was cleaning up yesterday — three types of roses (including David Austin  roses, the type used at our wedding), an herb garden, several tomato plants, a spinach plant, and a few other types of unidentified flowers.  It being January, most things looked dead or otherwise dormant, but I cleaned up dead leaves, pulled a few weeds.  I planted some bulbs that I purchased with my mom at the Columbia Flower market in November.

The garden is now waiting for some larger, warmer days — G. and I will sit out and drink a glass of wine on the patio, and the dogs will sniff and uproot the vegetables.  Can’t wait.


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