Brit Telly

My two favorite film and television genres in the world are (1) romantic dramas, preferably the so-called “period piece” (a la Ang Lee’s Sense and Sensibility, Merchant and Ivory’s Room with a View, and John Galsworthy’s Forsythe Saga); and (2) mystery-intrigue, preferably set in foreign climes, for example, the Bourne Identity films, and newly, the SHERLOCK shows, airing on BBC here in London, and PBS back state-side.

These Sherlock television programmes re-envision Conan-Doyle’s Edwardian character as a present-day “consulting detective”, and the directors have a clever way of treating Holmes’ remarkable deductions in an era of modern science, technology, social networking and text messaging.  Despite my newly-acquired last name, I had little familiarity with the Sherlock Holmes character or any of the stories, but after watching this TV series, I downloaded the old Sherlock  tales on my kindle and am presently devouring them.

The shows star the exquisitely high cheekboned and funnily named Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and the adorable Martin Freeman of the UK’s version of the Office as John Watson.


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