The Garland Island

This is our second time in Kauai, this tiny, glittering dot in the middle of the South Pacific.

We rented a Jeep and got on with it — a good thing too, since many of the best beaches require a bit of off-roading to get there.  It was raining where we were staying, on the south side of the island, so we decided to head to Polihale on the island’s west shore, which is more arid and was bound to be sunny.

We got all of the tropical sun we could have hoped for, and some great cliff views of the western end of the wild Na Pali coast, the island’s most beautiful (but uninhabited) corner.

We headed over to Merriman’s to catch the end of the sunset and I partook in my first Mai Tai of the trip:

A good end to the day.  Today we’re off to Hanalei (made famous by being Puff the Magic Dragon’s home….where he”frolicked in the autumn mist…”) to hike the ‘Okolehao Trail.  According to our guidebook the trail will be “a puffer”, gaining 1,250 feet in less than two miles!


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