Three Semesters Down, Three to Go!

By far, the most difficult challenge of moving abroad has been experiencing this new culture solo when I’m only one half of a team.  For each new thing I learn and new place I see, I have an instant urge to communicate it to G, who has, over the course of our eight years together, become a sort of sixth sense of mine.  One of the wonderful things about joining forces with a partner is that I get to process new information using his brain, perceptions, ideas and opinions as well as my own.

It is a strange thing, to be both a newly wed and alone in a big city.  But we are both working hard, every day, to build a future that we hope will be brighter because of this time apart, G. in law school, me here in London.

Yesterday, G. finished up his final exams for his third semester.  Three down, three to go!  Congratulations to you, G., and to us.  We’re halfway there.


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