Mishkin’s – a Jewish diner in London

My ears perked up right away when I heard talk of a Jewish deli in the heart of Covent Garden – a deli?  A place where you could actually get a decent sandwich?  

Don’t get me wrong. The Brits win full points for sandwich ingenuity.  At little corporate take-away places, like Pret a Manger, Marks and Spencers and EAT, there are cases full of interesting (read: bizarre) bread and meat concoctions: ham, egg and chives, say.  Or prawn cocktail and mustard.  Or cheddar, chutney and pickle.  All very gastronomic and experimental sounding (read: weird), but not quite in line with some American tastebuds that long for a nice classic ham and swiss or rye and pastrami.

Enter Mishkin’s!  It is a diner rather than deli counter, but who cares when the pastrami sandwich tastes that good?  Take a look at London/Eater’s blog write-up and photos. I got a reuben (heretofore, a sandwich unheard of and unrecognized in London except by daydreaming Americans).  Mine with out sauerkraut, but with the nice drippy Russian dressing, and thick layers of pastrami.  Fantastic.

It was a nice chilly day yesterday as well, so I longed to try the mazo ball soup…there is always next time.  All in all, Mishkin’s reminded me of a hipper Zaftigs —  a landmark Jewish eatery in the heart of Coolidge Corner, Brookline Massachusetts.

It’s funny how comforting American comfort food can be, especially far from home.


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