Gastropub Love

One of my favorite genre of restaurants here in London is the gastropub, a blend of the humble and ubiquitous English pub and a more ambitious gastronomical experience.  Gastropubs are generally devoid of that boisterous set of lager louts, and have better and more interesting beers, and better and more interesting food options than a typical pub’s fish and chips and bangers and mash.

I love gastropubs for their relaxing stay-all-afternoon vibe, their cosy nooks and cushions and, of course, their food.  And there are so many great ones to choose from!  A few of my favorites:

The Old White Bear, Hampstead.  A current obsession. Cosy fireplaces, nice beer, friendly staff, yummy food,  atmosphere you wish your living room would have. Check, check and check.

The Prince Bonaparte, Bayswater.  An old favorite, and serves Fruli!  A sickly-sweet strawberry beer that is a shameful delight.

The Chepstow, Notting Hill.  Another old stomping grounds from my student days in 2005.

The Windsor Castle, Kensington.  Fabulous outdoor beer garden and home of the little “hobbit doors”.


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