Moving, Phase III

Phase I of my Great London Move of 2011 (it has a name now), involved packing, shipping, donating, selling and generally de-cluttering all of my possessions in Austin.  It took some time, it was stressful, but at least I could rely on a few faithful friends to commiserate the general sucky-ness of moving with me over a margarita.

Phase II involved traveling to London solo, managing four suitcases.  It also involved receiving shipment of the 20-odd boxes I mailed across the pond, stressing over broken items (despite massive amounts of careful bubble wrapping) and pondering over the Royal Mail’s logic of how some boxes sailed through customs with flying colors and were promptly delivered, while other boxes were slapped with an additional customs and VAT delivery charge.

Phase III (the final Phase!) comes this weekend, 2 months after Phase II.  I re-pack the boxes that I have subsequently unpacked, I hire a van, boxes + me travel across town to Fulham and there I finally set up home.

The best part of moving (looking at the glass half-full here) is the opportunity to take stock of my possessions, to sort them in the “Must keep” / “Donate” / “Throw-away” piles, as prescribed by so many organizational gurus.  When I unpack my things in Fulham next week, it will be interesting to remind myself, this is what I thought worth keeping, and worth transporting 5,000 miles.  This is an object that I couldn’t live with out.  I’m reminded of a quote often cited by many home-decorating blogs, and probably Domino Magazine (RIP) as well:

“If you want a golden rule that will fit everybody, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”
— William Morris


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