Change in Seasons

In Austin, seasons had a habit of melting indistinguishably into each other.  January and February are usually temperate and mild, near-spring like, minus the dead leaves on trees, punctuated by brief bouts of “cold spells” which always takes everyone by surprise and terror.  March and April are genuinely lovely months with wonderful 65 – 80 degree days, and then summer comes roaring in in May, increasing in intensity for the next 4 or 5 months, hitting a terrible apex of absurd triple digits (112 degrees?!) in August, and then a slow decline back down in the fall. Austinites, I believe, are just now pulling out jackets and sweaters (albeit light ones, I imagine…) .

Fall has been a true fall here in London, and I can feel the gradual shift to the rainy and cloudy winter. The air, especially in the mornings, has a wonderful sharpness to it that makes me want to drink hot drinks, slurp soup and sit by a fire.  The problem is the dark dreariness of it all — you really do have to make a concerted effort to create some brightness.  I purchased this but I also love the idea of lighting lots of candles when coming home in the evening. Benita Larsson over on the blog Chez Larsson lives in Sweden, where the winter brings even shorter, darker days.  She has an entire cupboard devoted to candles to light in the evening.


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