More School

I admit it: I loved school.  I’m one of those types of people. With the exception of a few pre-adolescent years, I was very happy to march back to school every September armed with new books, pencils, etc., meet up with the friends I hadn’t seen all summer and then enter a new classroom.  And it wasn’t just the promise of new office supplies!  In college, I still loved sitting in the quiet of a lecture hall, tapping away at my computer keyboard and recording my professor’s thoughts on a new subject to learn.

(An aside — humorously, the Mister hated returning to school every September and being shut in a classroom all day, and yet he is the one who pursued many years of post-graduate education and is several advanced degrees ahead of me.  Hahahaha!)

Anyway. I was thrilled to come across an organization here in London called the School of Life, which offers lectures on very diverse topics such as , “How to Have Better Conversations”, “How to Thrive in the Digital Age”, “Why We Lie”, “On Storytelling”…the list is long.  And interesting! And well reviewed by Time Out London. Definitely up my alley.


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