Bringing the Pups Across the Pond

Little Henry already has some experience on boats.

Bringing the dogs over to London will be no small task. I’m so eager to have them, but there are a few hurdles to jump before they get here in June.

Firstly — several months of carefully documented health records are required to prove the dogs are healthy and thereby avoid quarantine.

Secondly– the problem of physically getting them here.  The dogs have flown from Austin to Boston quite a few times in carriers that I tuck safely under my seat.  However, when bringing them to the UK via plane, I’d be required to put them in specially sealed carriers that must travel in cargo.  Not the safest way to transport a dog — and also, I can only imagine how scary that would be for them.

Solution: The Queen Mary!

This Cunard liner allows for pets aboard, and according to a few internet sources, it seems like the little pups will have a brilliant time aboard. This video on dog travel on the QMII made me laugh!  A safe, less stressful way to bring the puppies over.  So it’s settled!  The Mister will bring Lucy and Henry over on the Queen Mary at the beginning of the summer.

Happy Friday!

Henry wonders if a baby should really be driving the boat.

A happy dog at the stern.


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