Austin and London Similarities, Part 2

Whole Foods!

Whole Foods South Lamar, in Austin, TX

Before I left, I already knew that shopping at Whole Foods (and the flagship Whole Foods at that) would be on my list of Things I Missed Most about Austin.  Other than fighting for a parking spot in the garage on the weekends, it was truly a pleasure to shop in a store that so valued customer service and had such a wide array of health foods. And the breakfast tacos!  Oh, the breakfast tacos. How I miss them.

Imagine my amazement then, when I learned that the largest Whole Foods in the world was actually in London.  Gaw!  

Whole Foods, Kensington

I immediately made the trek from the flat in Covent Garden all the way to Kensington and took my time exploring floor after floor of this massive store.  No dedicated breakfast taco stand like the Austin store, but the Kensington store does have an entire refrigerated room devoted to cheese!  Not bad, not bad.

It’s nice to know that there is one aspect of my Austin to London transition that is smooth and continuous 🙂



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