Charming Calligraphy

I have a thing for calligraphy.

I took my best stab at addressing my own envelopes for wedding invitations.

While planning my wedding, I formed an appreciation for calligraphy and lettering. The world  has, of course, fully adopted digitalized print — computers, google searches, text messaging and facebooking have mostly rendered legible, well-formed penmanship unnecessary and even pointless.  We can all communicate just fine without written letters.

There are few appropriate occasions for formal calligraphy in our lives now, weddings, of course, but scant others. However antiquated, beautiful lettering seems to have always been an artform — but imagine the days when more people — nearly all people, really — regularly practiced this art, and it appeared in daily communication and correspondance!

I found two calligraphers in particular, both who meticulously hand-letter wedding invitations and each commissioned wedding envelope whose work I love.

Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls:

She has a whimsical style that is both playful and elegant.

I also love the work of Cynthia Warren.

I love Warren’s print and script — so elegant and thoughtful.

The work of both of these ladies has inspired me to learn more about calligraphy — a goal that also made my list of 2011 new year resolutions!


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