List #1: Looking forward to London

  1. Sub-100 degree days. (High of 103 on September 26th, Austin, REALLY?)
  2. English accents
  3. Compulsive tea-drinking. (Tea-drinking is universal and constant in England, and least from my observations. Every Briton, no matter their age, race, socio-economic background, creed, delights in a frequent cuppa, which seems to have soothing psychic effects on their mood).
  4. Runs in public gardens (Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, St. James’ Park…)
  5. Living in a highly urban area, and the energy that comes from brushing shoulders with interesting and diverse people.
  6. A fresh new start — feels like the beginning of a school year, in some respects, which I always loved.
  7. Limited bug population — you can open your windows in the spring and summer in London, and only the lone fly will come in.  In Austin, any amount of creepy crawly, including the dreaded palm-sized cockroach, will feel free to drop in and ruin your day with an open window.
  8. Highly efficient public transportation.
  9. Being able to walk to work
  10. Pub culture (I often favor beer over wine, so the idea of a casual beer after work is really delightful).

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