Dream Destinations

On my Pinterest page, I have a board called “Dream Destinations” where I post dream-like photos of far-off places.  One of my favorite dream destinations is the small Himalayan nation of Bhutan.

Bhutan, a Buddhist nation,  is one of the last countries to be touched by the homogenizing forces of Western culture and globalization.  I love how a political leader in Bhutan showed concern over his nation’s “Gross National Happiness” even as the country slowly realized the importance of developing its economy and opening Bhutan up to the age of modernization.

I would love to visit this tiny country one day — its mystique lies partly in how inaccessible it is for most of the world.  Only one airline, Drukair, is permitted to fly into the country, which has flights from India.  Additionally, a finite number of tourist visas are distributed per year, which makes travel into the country difficult and very expensive.

Nonetheless, I dream of one day visiting the country and perhaps staying at this amazing hotel.


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