Go Green

Nap on Primrose Hill, London

Vineyards on the Alsatian wine route, France

Deer park in Somerset, England

The terrible draught and wildfires in Texas have made international news.  Last week in London, I was amazed to hear mention of Austin on CNN international.  The record-breaking heat (we’ve had triple-digit temperatures nearly every day since May) and nary a cloud in the sky might sound nice to Londoners, who have had a remarkably gloomy, overcast summer, but unfortunately, the heat, draught and fires have wrecked havoc on homes, farmers’ crops, wildlife, and the region’s ecosystem at large.

Despite pre-conceived notions of Texas as a land of deserts and tumbleweeds (that’s west Texas), the Austin region (smack dab in the center of the state), or “Hill Country” as Texans call it, is generally green and well-irrigated by the Colorado river.  Not this summer.  We’re all yearning for rain to bring back the green, and dreaming of fresher landscapes like these lucky regions.


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