The Heat Here, the Cool Elsewhere

Austin’s heat has been raging this year since early May, and nearly every day in June, July and August have had highs in the triple digits.  Last Sunday, we hit an incredible 112 degrees F!

I am getting sentimental about Austin, due mostly to the fact that I am leaving at the end of the month, but I will not miss days in the oven, where I am relegated to tthe protection of air conditioning.

In these last three years I’ve spent as a Texan, I’ve enjoyed the mild winters and spring-like February days, but I have sorely missed the change of the seasons.  I love early September in New England, with its warm days and colder evenings, the slow wind-down of the summer that is captured in that transitional weather.

In New Hampshire, the trees will start to change soon.  The beaches will be emptying out as children and college kids return back to school.

As a child, I adored this time of year.  I liked school, I loved buying new crayons and pencils and sweaters, and then, in high school and college, I loved the ritual of purchasing text books, making class selections, buying posters for my dorm room.  I loved this, the promise of learning something new.  The promise of change.

Despite the purgatory of Austin’s heat, there is a change a-brewin’ soon — frigid, rainy London awaits.


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